VG-left     I invite you to incredibly beautiful amazing journey. And I'll be escort you in this amazing in world of art. It us leads to discovering the secrets of nature . ’’THE SUPREME HAPPINESS OF PERSON IS ATTENDANCE OF GOD ‘’ The presence of God means higher constructive activity of man, common principle which is Genesis (Life). Creation man in Genesis (Life) must be in an absolute consent with nature , it is achieved through inherent freedom , and in simplicity. Only in that case the nature exposes its vital mystery of rebirth and person raises to a much higher spiritual level penetrating into depth in essence times.
VG-right ‘’..... all nature lives on the fundamentals of universal cosmos reality truth, that we call the law of nature. The study of nature by science we do not explore the phenomenon itself, but its influence. By Art we penetrate inside revealing not the phenomenon itself but its essence . Without science, the universe will be collapse - Without art, the universe will lifeless'' “......when you read nature, you enter into the aura of creation. A huge wave of Energy falls on you, and who can bear up is this onslaught and in him art is born''  
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