VG-left     I taught in the Art Terlemezyan’s College 1993.
    I have been member of the cultural union ‘’Momik’’ and undertook studio study, who maintained
    a classical direction of art.
    I consider nature a great creation of God. I point composition, portrait and landscape, but I reject the still-life.
    I don’t point dead nature.
    The artist paints a movement and not a statue.
VG-right Hello my kind friend.    
My name is Vardan Ghumashyan.    
I’m Armenian painter. I was born 1963 in Yerevan. This is the capital of Armenia.    
1979 I studied with the master Vardges Stepanyan’s in Yerevan.    
1986 I continued studying with the master of composition Yuri Pashkov in Moscow.    
I am infinitely grateful to them.    
Compassion without rules you will find God.    
Beginning and the end.    
All his life the artist is looking for each time starting and ending the picture.    
I invite you start, finish and start again.    
Good way to the world of art is my wonderful friend.    
© All Rights Reserved. Davit Minasyan